When a CIA agent uncovers a weapon that targets racial groups, he must expose the secret society behind it and stop the countdown before millions are killed.


Eighteen years ago in Japan, Kali murders his Chinese lover Mei and escapes into the Yakuza underworld. Yu Bai Shek loses Kali’s trail in Tokyo and instead locates Mei’s young daughter Huan Li. Together, they encounter a young African American boy and his mother just as they’re assaulted by the Yakuza. The Shaolin master saves the boy, but the mother tragically dies from an accidental knife stab to the heart. Filled with compassion, Master Yu Bai Shek resolves to raise and train the newly orphaned boy along with Huan Li. The boy’s name is Samuel Lincoln Tharpe. Fast-forward to the present day. Now working for the CIA, Sam’s team discovers the Russian mafia slain near the tsunami-ravaged coast of Japan and clashes with a group of Yakuza led by the evil master’s son Zentaro. After suffering devastating casualties, Sam recovers a mysterious device known only as the Exterminatus. Huan Li begins shadowing Sam in Tokyo. They had parted ways many years ago, but now she’s part of a small sect of Shaolin dedicated to stopping Kali. Their investigations cause them to cross paths. Huan Li gives Sam and the CIA new intelligence regarding the mysterious device. Her people have learned that the Exterminatus is the Holy Grail of terrorism. It’s a biological WMD carrying a retro-virus capable of something no disease in history is capable of…genetically discriminating between ethnic groups and wiping them out. Her intelligence sources say the creators of this weapon simply call themselves The Makers. Now that Sam and Huan Li have joined forces again, the fate of the world is in their hands.
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Black Salt is a comic book series that was turned into an award winning 30-minute proof of concept film. Then the proof-of-concept film was developed into a franchise. The video game demo won several accolades including the Spotlight Award at GDC and DreamHack Dallas Best Action-INDIE PLAYGROUND Award. The Black Salt feature film script received a RECOMMEND coverage score. The film is a cross between James Bond meets John Wick with a Shaolin backstory.


Ratti Entertainment, LLC is in development of the feature film with the completion of the comic book series, proof of concept film, synopsis, one sheet, pitch deck, storyboard samples, website, merchandise, NFT collection, video game demo, animated series loglines, one sheet and pilot script, feature film movie soundtrack proposal, wish list, character descriptions, script, copyrights, and WGA registration. Ratti is now looking to package the project with a director, actor, distribution, tax credits for product placement and investment opportunities. The proof-of-concept film will be used to show potential investors, distributors, and sponsors how the actual film will look by showing the following characteristics:

  • Action sequences
  • Martial arts scenes
  • Plot devices that highlight the uniqueness of the story and its production value


To build the brand, Ratti Entertainment, LLC will use a diverse marketing strategy for the Black Salt Movie Soundtrack by synergizing the movie, music, comic book series and merchandise at the same time. The soundtrack will consist of 18 to 20 songs with up and coming as well as big-name artists from all over the world. To add more value to the project, the company will contract a headlining DJ to host the soundtrack. To create a bigger buzz and demand for the music project, the company will launch the Black Salt Movie Soundtrack Contest. All genres are accepted, and the winning songs will sign a record agreement and be featured on the soundtrack. Artists can enter more than one song and we will promote the contest on social media and music streaming platforms. All songs will be judged based on creativity, originality, talent and appeal, audio quality, and lyrical content. Songs are evaluated on a scale from 1-10 from a team of 4 judges. Input from all 4 judges will then be averaged. Regardless of the number of submissions, the top 5 songs will be chosen based on weighted averages of scores. More details coming soon.

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Sign up now for our newsletter and receive a FREE Black Salt digital Comic Book, learn how to win other merchandise, and get updates on the feature film.