BEN RAMSEY DIRECTORBen Ramsey directed the Black Salt proof-of-concept Minifeature. He has also directed Love and a Bullet, Blood and Bone, and written The Big Hit, Dragonball: Evolution, and Luke Cage for Marvel Comics.
KINYUMBA MUTAKABBIR SAMUEL LINCOLN THARPEKinyumba Mutakabbir is a rising star who started in small feature roles in Entourage, Iron Man 3, and The Bold and the Beautiful. In 2012, he landed the role of “Woody” in the Cinemax series “The Jump Off”, season 1 aired through 2013. He was also casted as the lead in the web series “Front Seat Chronicles”, and played “Daniel” in the episode “Differences”. Kinyumba will play Samuel Lincoln Tharpe in the Black Salt short film. This dedicated African-American soldier leads a team of highly skilled agents, all exceptionally gifted in the arts of stealth, infiltration, assault and martial arts. Sam obtained his phenomenal skills when he and his mother moved to China not long after Sam’s father abandoned them, leaving the eight-year-old Sam and his mother Elise alone in the world. In China, Sam was reluctantly taken in as a student of the legendary priest, Yu Bai Shek. He taught Sam many of Shaolin’s deadliest skills over a period of eight years, but could he not take him to the Shaolin Temple because Sam was not Chinese.
MICHELLE LEE HORSE RIPPERMichelle Lee can be seen in various shows, such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: NY, and Numb3rs. she has also appeared in feature films, such as Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and 4, Blood and Bone, Pacific Rim, Olympus Has Fallen, The Hunted, and starred in a Sci Fi Channel Movie. Michelle will play Horse Ripper in the Black Salt short film, a blind assassin inhumanly fast, silent, agile, extremely ruthless, and willing to do anything and everything necessary to defeat an opponent.
JAMES LEW ABBOT XIAOJames Lew has starred and coordinated more stunt and fight scenes in more TV and features films then you can shake a stick at. Some of his films include Legacy of the Tengu, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Olympus Has Fallen, Battleship, Safe, and Prince Vaali just to name a few. James will play Abbot Xiao in the Black Salt short film. He currently presides over the Shaolin Temple at Songshan Mountain. The scion of a long line of martial artists, the Abbot has lived among the Shaolin since childhood. Despite his advanced age, he’s also remarkably fit.
PANUVAT ANTHONY NANAKORNPANOM RAINPanuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom is a top stunt performer appearing in over 50 films and TV shows. Some of his films include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Snake and Mongoose, The Hangover Part III, Iron Man 3, Argo, Olympus Has Fallen just to name a few. Panuvat will play Horse Ripper’s henchman Rain in the Black Salt short film. Rain became an outcast as a kid growing up in Japan to a black father and a Japanese mother. He was very bitter and was obsessed in training in martial arts and weaponry. Rain became a deadly assassin and took his rightful place in the Yakuza organization.
SHEENA CHOU LI JINGSheena Chou is an actress known for Wild Card, Meet the Spartans, Shanghai Hotel, Aces, and The Last Ship. She is currently filming as the lead role in Unspoken: Diary of an Assassin. Sheena will play Li Jing in the Black Salt short film. Li Jing is affiliated with the Yakuza organization and betrays her sect.
XIAOJUN WANG MONK SINGXiaojun Wang is a trained Shaolin martial artist. His credits include Spike TV’s “Deadliest Warrior: Shaolin vs. Maori”, a National Geographic Fight Science special in which scientists evaluated his body’s ability to withstand getting hit by baseball bat, a History Channel Art of War special, and a Best Buy commercial for the Bravia TV. Xiaojun will play Monk Sing. He ranks as one of the highest skilled priests living in Songshan and a living embodiment of Shaolin values and ideals.
RON YUAN MAMORI SHIGARon Yuan has finished the final season of “Sons of Anarchy” and will also be seen in Martin Scorsese’s “Revenge of the Green Dragons”. Yuan designed the fight sequences as well as going behind the camera as the Action Director for Jason Statham’s “Wild Card”. He also had memorable turns on hit series and films (Prison Break, CSI: NY, 24, Burn Notice, NCIS: LA. Pushing Daisies, Entourage, Art of War, Fast and Furious, Cradle 2 the Grave, Blood and Bone, Red Dawn). Ron will play Mamori Shiga in the Black Salt short film. He hails from an ancient lineage of Samurai warriors. He serves as a senior field agent for the Japanese Intelligence Headquarters. Shiga’s professional duties involve counter-intelligence operations against North Korean and Russian arms-smuggling networks that stretch from the Russian Far East down into Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.